Architectural Services

Interior Design Services

Structural Design Drawings

Hvac & Electrical Engineering Services

Project Management Services

  • Providing scheme plans

  • Detailed Working drawings after finalization of basic scheme plans

  • Elevation schemes & Perspective Views

  • Interior layouts for Furniture, Plumbing and Electrical systems

  • Details for Interior Finishes supported by drawings where required

  • Walk through view after finalization of Project Details

  • Providing Schematic layout of Interior

  • Various views with colour schemes and final perspective views after finalization of layout

  • Detailed drawings with specifications

  • Execution drawings

  • Basic Structural Element layout prepared in conjunction with Architectural layout

  • Finalization of Loads based on the utility of the building

  • Detailed design of entire structure to meet IS Code Specifications including Seismic Design

  • Preparation of Detailed Drawings for all elements for execution

  • Submission of Design Report to Client

  • Presenting to client about the basic considerations for design for approval

  • Finalising the actual Load for both services

  • Placing our suggestions on the type of equipment with reasoning based on design assessment

  • Preparation of detailed drawings for execution

  • Discussing with client to understand their requirements

  • Coordinating with Architects and Structural divisions and arriving at an optimum solution and providing revisions with client input to arrive at an acceptable optimum scheme

  • Collecting complete detailed Design Drawings and Specifications from Architects, Structural engineers, HVAC and Electrical engineers and submitting a consolidated detailed report to Client for Final Approval

  • Prepare, Submit and follow up drawings and documents for submission to Local Planning Authorities for Plan Approval of Buildings

  • Preparation of Detailed Estimates based on final report and place suggestions to client for any changes to fit into the proposed budget

  • Preparation of Tender Document for all services and releasing to shortlisted contractors

  • Preparation of Comparative Statement and a report after a detailed assessment of tenders submitted by contractors and placing our Recommendations to Client for Approval

  • Preparation of Time Schedule for the Project with payment projections at various stages

  • Supervision and Coordination with various agencies for Quality and timely completion

  • Conducting regular site meetings to assess the progress and establish smooth flow of works

  • Reporting to client at regular intervals to keep them update on progress and on the actual cost versus budget and regulate the project for a smooth completion

  • Checking bills submitted by contractors and certify the same for payment

  • Preparing a Consolidated Statement of Bills of various contractors to assess their bills and certify their final payment.

  • Firming up utility and requirement of the Building well in advance.

  • Finalisation of all Plans and Specifications of Materials.

  • Confirming orders to various suppliers well in advance and incorporating their requirements in the building design and get commitment for timely supplies from them.

  • Non occurrence of Natural Calamities.

  • Active participation from Client in expressing timely decisions on issues that would crop up during construction and maintaining proper fund flow.