We aim to bring out the hidden potential of every project we work on and follow a comprehensive process to turn ideas into reality.

  • Client’s brief

    As we build the client's vision, it is crucial for us to know their detailed requirement through a site visit. 

  • Concept design

    We do a complete survey of the site, test the soil, and we frame the conceptual designs in line with the scope of work and the client's vision. 

  • Preliminary design & drawing

    We discuss the conceptual designs with the client and incorporate modifications in the designs suggested by the client. We then create the preliminary drawings.   

  • Statutory approvals

    Our designs are created in accordance with the code compliance. We present our drawings to the statutory authorities for approval.

  • Working drawings & tender documents

    We provide detailed specifications, estimate of cost and information to the consultant and prepare tender drawings and contract documents. 

  • Appointment of contractors

    We make a list of the best contractors, invite tenders and finalize and appoint the contractors who are best for a particular project, as the right set of people is the essence of a good project. 

  • Construction

    We issue the drawings to the contractors and set a work progress schedule and appoint a dedicated site supervisor. We pay regular visits to the site during work in progress and do a complete quality control check at the site during the completion of the project. We issue the certificate of completion once our client